Maison du Bagnard

The "Maison du Bagnard" was built by Médard Aribot, a sculptor from Martinique on his return from prison in 1960. He lived there until his death in 1973.

This is an ornate wooden house, painted yellow (formerly blue and white) facing the Rocher du Diamant (Diamond Rock). Médard Aribot was a best known and talented sculptor. He was sentenced to prison for life. Several versions have been announced for the reasons for his conviction. According to the local population and the crowds, the reason is his sculpture in the likeness of Colonel Coppens brandished and booed by the crowd during an election riot in 1925.

Colonel Coppens real name Maurice de Coppens, was the owner of a sugar factory in Diamant in 1925, preferred to leave firing into the crowd rather than risk losing the election. Several people were killed including Colonel Coppens during the riot. The other reason declared "official" is that Médard Aribot would allegedly committed many flights. After several years in prison in French Guyana, he was released in 1945 following the final closure of prisons.

Then he returned to Martinique in 1953 and have lived in the "Maison du Bagnard" until the end of his life in 1973.

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