Moulin de Val d'Or

The Moulin du Val d'Or (Val d'Or mill) is one of the many witnesses to Martinique's slave-owning past. It was erected in the 18th century on the Habitation du Val d'Or to facilitate the crushing of sugar cane. With a height of 18 meters, it was the central element of the old plantation and the point of connection between the plantation, i.e. the place of the sugar production, and the pier of the seaside from where the goods were transported.

Concerning its operation, the mill was operated by mules and was a symbol of the mechanical technology of the time to produce sugar cane. Later, it was completely restored in order to repair the walls, the roof and the carousel mechanism. It continued to be used even after the installation of the steam engine in 1882. The construction of the Marin factory will cause its usage to decrease until it is no longer used.

The Val d'Or mill is to this day, the only animal mill still in use in the Caribbean. It is one of the sites of the Parc Naturel Régional de la Martinique (Regional Natural Park of Martinique). It is classified today as a Historical Monument.

During the guided tours, you will be able to discover the remains of the sugar factory nearby and attend an animation where donkey-makers and guides will make you discover the techniques of the time of crushing of the cane.