Observatoire du Morne des Cadets

The Observatoire Volcanique de la Montagne Pelée (Volcano Observatory of Mount Pelee) on the Morne des Cadets is responsible for monitoring and seismic and volcanological research. After the 1902 eruption, Professor Alfred Lacroix built an observatory, a simple check on the Morne des Cadets.

He worked with a few pieces of geophysical measurements but the volcano giving no sign of activity, it was decided to stop the observations.

Four years after the great eruption of 1929 made ​​no death, but caused damage. Then a permanent observatory was built and inaugurated on the hill Moustin, opposite the historic installation of Morne des Cadets he adopted the name.

Today the observatory does not monitor the volcano but also takes care to observe the seismic soil of Martinique. A briefing room and exhibition is open to the public opening hours of the observatory.

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