Paille Caraïbe

Paille Caraïbe is a basketry located in the district of Morne-des-Esses in Sainte-Marie which has preserved the practices of art craftsmanship of pre-Columbian tradition transmitted by oral tradition. It is therefore a heritage left by the Carib Indians. This Creole Basketry perpetuates Native American know-how with its gestures and techniques.

It was created in 1967 with 50 craftsmen at the start. Today there are only 2 or 3 all over 70 years old. The inheritance was thus transmitted from father to son. The different objects are made with two main tropical plants: Cachibou and Aroman. It is from these two plants that we get the precious stems that will be transformed later. You will see a demonstration of straw dyeing and weaving techniques.

The space includes a place of exhibition and sale where you can see and buy the various items woven on site (bags, bracelets, necklaces, rings, "cuddly toys", rugs, pottery, lamps and lampposts, suitcases, boxes. sewing, Caribbean baskets, bottles, vases, hats of all kinds, etc ....

The opportunity to buy a souvenir? (price from €3).

To get there, head for the Morne-des-esses district via the D25. Basketry is about 6 km from the center of Sainte Marie.