The markets of Fort-de-France

There are several markets in Fort de France. Among them, the three most notable are the Grand Marché and the Marché des Fruits et Légumes of Boulevard Général de Gaulle and the one of Avenue Paulette Nardal.

Inaugurated with great pomp and circumstance with three days of festivities on September 12, 1885, the Grand Marché couvert de Fort-de-France is one of the places not to be missed if you want to taste and leave with fresh local fruits and vegetables. In addition to the gustatory aspect, you will also be able to get closer to the local population who come to buy from the fruit and vegetable sellers at dawn.

It is also possible to buy souvenirs (dolls in traditional dress, local handicrafts, alcohol), which you bring back from your trip to the island.

Built by Pierre-Henry Picq (the same who had built the Schoelcher Library and St. Louis Cathedral), the largest market was destroyed five years after its inauguration, in 1890 by a fire, and one year later, in 1891, by a hurricane. It was rebuilt in 1901.

Today, the Grand Marché de Fort-de-France is not only a place to buy fruits and vegetables is also a space where you can find restaurants and delicious Creole menus.

A must see!

Addresses of the three main markets of Fort-de-France:

The Grand Marché in the city center
Rue Blénac
97200 Fort-de-France
Geographical coordinates: 14.605291570004736, -61.071923021992895

Fruit and vegetable market on Boulevard Général de Gaulle
Crossroads of Boulevard Général de Gaulle and Rue du Pavé
97200 Fort-de-France
Geographical coordinates: 14.607634409676818, -61.06781381476439

Fruit and Vegetable Market of Paulette Nardal Avenue
Avenue Paulette Nardal
97200 Fort-de-France
Geographical coordinates: 14.609227070120243, -61.073422094870516

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