Vierge des marins (Virgin of the Sailors)

The Vierge des Marins (Virgin of the sailors) was erected in 1870. At this time, it was at the time more than 8 tons and was 7km of Mount Pelee. It was reversed face against the ground during the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902 but was not destroyed ! For cons, the base could not resist devastating lava from the volcano. It was restored in 1921.

It is also known as Notre-Dame du Bon Port and still watches over the city of Saint-Pierre.

To see it, climb on the road that crosses the D1 right (direction Fonds-Saint-Denis) just after the cemetery. At the top, turn right down the road and finish the distance on foot.

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Vierge des marins  (Virgin of the Sailors)Vierge des marins  (Virgin of the Sailors)
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