Cascades Didier

Cascades Didier (Didier Waterfalls) are a wonderful tropical paradise where you will be, following a natural environment hike. So you will see three different water drop points where you can enjoy bathing in cool clear water.

If access to the first waterfall is easy, it is harder for the second and third.

Le site est accessible 24/7, but for the quality of the trails can be slippery in bad weather, it is better to go by day and prefer sunny days.

To get to Didier waterfalls, we must move towards Fort-de-France to Cluny who opens to the roundabout Vietnam héroïque. At the roundabout turn right direction "Didier" then you are on the road to Didier. After just continue straight on D45 for several miles. You then go through the tunnel.

Continue straight until the end is a dead end that serves as a fitness trail where joggers train. At the sewage treatment plant surrounded by barbed wire, park to begin the hike that takes about 20 minutes.

Allow a lamp, a bathing suit and sneakers.