Dlo Ferré

The site of Dlo Ferré is a charming little place that is not very well known in Martinique but which has hot springs as its main treasure.

Located at the foot of Morne Jacqueline, several small thermal springs emerge on the rocks facing the sea. The most important one was recently developed by the municipality of Anses d'Arlet and the Office National des Forêts (National Forestry Office).

The hot water source would come from a reservoir whose temperature would be around 180°C (365 degrees F). The site is classified as protected heritage.

To get there, go to the beach of Petite Anse in Anses d'Arlet where you will have to park your vehicle. Then either you go there by walking on the rocks on the beach on your left, or you follow the marked path. Allow an average of 15 minutes walking to get there.

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