Les Gorges de la falaise

The Gorges de la falaise are a walk along a river built between two huge cliffs.

The "Gorges de la falaise" are located in a region of dense forest. Following this walk we reached a natural paradise, magnificent waterfalls with crystal clear waters. The roar of falling water is impressive.

Walking about a mile to reach the waterfalls is fairly easy although it is advisable to be well equipped (hiking boots). It is possible to rent shoes on the site (€2).

Consider also provide your swimwear and towel to enjoy swimming. The site is open daily from 8am to 5:30pm.

However, for security reasons and in case of bad weather, the site is sometimes closed. You can check in advance if it opens by calling 0596 53 36 53. The entrance fee is about €7 per participant (€7 for adults, €4 for children).

To get there, you must go to the town of Ajoupa Bouillon and follow the signs fairly simple.