Saut Babin

Located near the site of Gorges de la Falaise the Saut Babin is a real natural paradise. It is a river and blue pools of water clarity and transparency non-standard overhung by a waterfall. Very difficult to access, the site has long been closed due to its difficult access, the potential presence of snakes and pollution of the Rivière Capot.

It remains forbidden for years and is not maintained. Beware of going there and wear hiking boots. After walking on a steep forest path, you finally come to a wonder to behold in a hidden corner and remains little known locally.

Do not forget your camera!

To get there, head to the town of Morne-Rouge via the N3 and follow the instructions to go to Ajoupa-Bouillon. Before entering Ajoupa-Bouillon, turn right into Grande Savane. You then arrive at the Vieux Coco neighborhood. You will arrive at the entrance that notifies you that the site is closed to the public.