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Martinique is a small island located in the Caribbean archipelago near the American continent. Dominica is to its north and the island of Saint Lucia to the south. Its exact geographical coordinates are 14.38°N and 61.2° 2W. Martinique has about 350,400 inhabitants and 1,105 square kilometers (427 sq. mi.).

Status et languages

Martinique has been French since 1635 and a French department since 1946. Two languages are spoken: French and Creole, a local language inherited from the slave period. The currency is the euro.

Map of the world with Martinique's position
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Illustration of travelers with a travel card with an island

The average temperature is 28°C (82F) all year round. There are only two seasons in Martinique: the hot season and the rainy season. Martinique is on the -4h time zone compared to GMT. There is no daylight saving time.

Martinique is located 6,845 km (4,253 mi) from Paris, about 8 hours by plane. 189 km (117 mi) separate it from Guadeloupe (the other main French territory in the Caribbean) but it is only 40 minutes by plane. If we want to compare it to Miami, it's a 3-hour flight for a distance of 2,345 km (1, 457 mi). For New York it is 3,158 km (1,962 mi) and 4h20 of flight on average.


Shrubb is a classic Martinique liqueur made from squeezed oranges, agricultural rum, a blend of spices and sun-dried orange peels. Almost every distillery on the island has its own brand of shrubb and makes shrubb when oranges are in season.

The shrubb is used in the design of many cocktails.


Known by all rum lovers, J. Bally distillery has been producing a quality product recognized throughout the world for several centuries.