Habitation du Simon

Domaine l'Habitation du Simon is located between Le François and Le Vauclin, in the heart of a sugarcane plantation. This 18th-century building still lives to the rhythm of the harvest and rum production.

A1710 rum is produced on site. You'd think 1710 was the year this rum was born, but it's not. It's the latest brand to arrive in Martinique, and its rum was only launched in 2016!

Indeed, in 2006, Yves Assier de Pompignan embarked on a bold project: to create a new rum distillery imbued with the history and richness of the Antilles terroir. With the help of a determined and passionate team, he took over Habitation du Simon to set up his own rum brand.

In 2010, the decision was made to launch the project, and work began on selecting the great old rums destined for blending. An ageing cellar previously used for cognac was introduced, and a laboratory was set up at l'Habitation. The first selections of rums, then aged between 6 and 11 years, are aged in 320-liter French oak barrels.

At the same time, with the aim of creating an innovative, qualitative and traditional distillation process, they opted for an all-copper Charentais still, complete with a 7-plate column and temperature-controlled fermentation vats allowing for long fermentations in order to obtain rums with strong aromatic potential.

After several years of planning and administrative procedures, De Pompignan and his team obtained authorization to open their distillery for the production of agricultural rums, the last rum distillery to be founded in Martinique.

Work began on the rum distillery, which was installed in a former 18th-century purgerie at the heart of the estate. The house is also refurbished to host tours and tastings.

The new A1710 distillery was inaugurated in 2016 at Habitation du Simon.

In 2023, a second still, almost identical to the first installed in 2015, was introduced. It will enable us to push even further the quest for aromatic excellence and the quality of A1710 rums. The cane wine will therefore continue its ritual of double distillation.

List of A1710 rums:

  • White rums
  • Old rums
  • Limited Editions
  • Organic rums
  • Wood-aged rums
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