Habitation Saint-Étienne

Habitation Saint-Étienne or HSE is a distillery built to replace an old sugar mill more than 400 hectares on Gros Morne and Saint Joseph area. The late 19th to the crisis sugar is converted into a distillery like many other sugar factories before.

Today, if the distillation of rum no longer exists (since 1988), it continues to produce rums, rums HSE. Its preserved architectural whole is one of the places which makes more evidence of the system of habitation in Martinique to observe life in the 19th century. The master's house and the old small wooden houses of slaves and paid workers have continued for two centuries and can be visited.

The site is listed in Additional Inventory of Historic Monuments (ISMH in french). During the visit, you will see the production of rum HSE storage device including barrels, bottling before tasting of rums produced on site. Numerous exhibitions are held throughout the year.

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